About me

Mini bio: Luisa Plaja was born in Glasgow, brought up in Sicily and London and now lives in Devon, England. Her novels for teenagers include Split by a Kiss and Kiss Date Love Hate, and her latest is Diary of a Mall Girl.

(Wondering about ‘Plaja’? The ‘j’ is like a ‘y’ and the name is pronounced ‘plah-ya’. It’s Italian but has origins in the Spanish ‘playa’, meaning ‘beach’.)


Full bio:

Luisa Plaja

Luisa Plaja writes about teenagers and relationships. She has a passion for fiction, and she helps to run book clubs and writing workshops in schools and libraries. She was the editor of the popular and long-running teen site Chicklish.

Luisa grew up speaking English and Italian, sometimes at the same time. With a degree in Linguistics, she has a background in wordy jobs including dictionary editing, television subtitling and linguistic software development.

Luisa’s latest novels are Diary of a Mall Girl, published by Curious Fox, and Kiss Date Love Hate, published by Random House. Her novels been translated and published in the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Brazil, Germany, Turkey, Poland, Finland and Norway, and they are available as audiobooks in English. She has also taken part in an interactive e-book project which is now published as a paperback, and has a short story published in an anthology.

Born in Glasgow and brought up in Sicily and London, Luisa Plaja now lives in Devon, England. She has two teenagers, a boy and a girl.