introducing Molly - Diary of a Mall Girl

Diary of a Mall GirlAt midday (UK time) on Friday 6th May 2011, the first chapter of Diary of a Mall Girl will go live at Fiction Express, and the fun will begin!

Here’s more about the e-book that you – yes, YOU *pointy finger* – can change the course of, by reading and voting on what happens next…

The mall is the heart of fifteen-year-old Molly’s suburban town. Most teens hang around with friends there, get their first job there, have their first kiss there… And Molly? She actually lives there, in the complex’s apartment block. She has all the best shops and entertainment right on her doorstep. But living in a massive shopping centre can be less fun than it sounds when your access to gossip causes trouble with your friends. Or when people call you a ‘mall girl’ – meaning ‘follower’ or ‘sheep’. Find out – and vote on – what happens next in Molly’s private diary…

And here’s a short extract from the first chapter:


Dear Future Me, like say when I’m about twenty and living in my own place in a big city with a job in television, a cute actor boyfriend and matching designer shoes and handbag  (I mean shoes and handbag that match each other, not the boyfriend, though either would do)…

You are so lucky!!!! I wish I was you!!! I mean, I know I WILL be you, obviously, as you are me in the future. But do I really have to go through five more years of torture to get there? I want to be you NOW!!!

Do you even remember how tragic your life was all those years ago? Of course you don’t – why would you? Well, luckily I’m here to remind you.

“Someday you’ll look back on it and laugh,” Nan tells me a lot, when I have a good old rant at her and she listens like no one else in my family ever does. “You’ll forget the bad times and wish you were a teenager again.”

Dear Future Me: NO. Just no. OK?


Read more at Fiction Express. And when you’ve judged for yourself the truly tragic nature of Molly’s predicament, please vote for what she should do next.

Because… believe me. Molly needs your help!

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