About Extreme Kissing


Extreme Kissing was partly inspired by the international sport of Extreme Ironing. In the book, this is Bethany’s brother’s favourite activity.

Extreme Ironing is a real sport and it originated in Leicester, England. See the Extreme Ironing Bureau website for more details, or watch the vid below for extremity in action.

Forget base jumping, canyoning and abseiling for a thrill, they’ve got nothing on the sport of extreme ironing. — Sarah Hughes, Warcry, Australia on the EIB

From the Extreme Ironing Bureau FAQ:(cut sections marked ‘…’)

“Why is extreme ironing ‘extreme’?”

“…Well the first step is to… add a bit of risk. This might mean ironing on a particularly difficult mountain climb, or… 20 metres underwater with full scuba gear. The only limit is your imagination. Just remember to plan your extreme ironing carefully…”

Replace ‘ironing’ with ‘travelling’, add some teen magazines and randomly chosen challenges from their pages, and that’s where Bethany and Carolota’s journey starts. (Then replace ‘travelling’ with ‘kissing’…)

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