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Fluttering Butterflies British authors monthFluttering Butterflies book blog is running a month celebrating British authors, and today she has reviewed Extreme Kissing and hosted a guest post by me about the British settings of this book and Swapped by a Kiss. There’s also a giveaway of a copy of Extreme Kissing, with a closing date of 30th November 2011.

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Edited to add: Here’s my second post for Fluttering Butterflies British Month: Confessions of a British Word Nerd

Split by a Kiss audiobook

Split by a Kiss has now been released as an audiobook, read by Penny Rawlins and published by W F Howes.

There’s information in their catalogue, and it’s available on CD at online audiobook shop Whole Story Audiobooks.

It’s also available as a download on Audible and Amazon.

Listen to an extract in the Audible catalogue or below…

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Split by a Kiss audiobookListen to an extract of Split by a Kiss



A fabulously entertaining tale of a teenager who splits in two when she has a difficult decision to make.

Jo has just moved to America – to a new school, and maybe a chance to be cool. When she is chosen by Jake Matthews, officially the hottest boy in school, Jo can’t believe her luck. But the reality of being with Jake is not quite as great as the fantasy… Torn by her dilemma, Jo splits. She’s Josie the Cool and Jo the Nerd. Will her two halves ever come back together again?

Serendipity reviews Split by a Kiss

Thank you so much to Vivienne at Serendipity for reviewing Split by a Kiss.

“…a refreshing read, full of comical scenes sitting side by side on the touchline with teenage angst.”

Read the full review at this wonderful site.

Author Leila Rasheed and I interview each other

Back in the days when Split by a Kiss had just been released and I was a (*cough*) fresh-ish-faced debut author, a book site called WriteAway asked me and fellow author Leila Rasheed (Chips, Beans and Limousines: The Fantastic Diary of Bathsheba Clarice De Trop!) to interview each other via a long, involved and fun Skype chat.

Time has since ticked on, Leila and I have both had other books published, and WriteAway has recently moved – to the Just Imagine Story Centre. Its move meant that the interview popped up in my Google alerts and I was reminded of that heady time. I thought I’d share it

As we said at the time: “‘We have tidied it up slightly, but we wanted to keep the feel of an on-line conversation, so we haven’t corrected all the mistakes. Sometimes it looks as if we’ve completely ignored each other’s questions in order to blather on about ourselves, but it’s just that our messages have crossed with each other!”


Read the full interview at Just Imagine.

You can also read the interview from Leila Rasheed’s side.

Check out Leila Rasheed’s site.

Hey Evellyn! reviews Split by a Kiss

Hey Evellyn! is a Brazil-based site and this Split by a Kiss review is in Portuguese, but you can click the online translator at the end for a rough idea of what it says. For example: “Really super recommended!” (Thank you, Evellyn!)

Read the full review in Portuguese.

Read the full review filtered through a translator.

Split by a Kiss reviewed on BookHi

Zoe from teenage book blog BookHi reviewed Split by a Kiss.

“It was like I was living her life, as what goes on in school is so realistic. Some bits really made me laugh out loud, this book is hilarious!”

Full review on BookHi.

Split by a Kiss reviewed by Bookster Reviews

Bookster Reviews logoThanks to Cliona from Bookster Reviews for her views on Split by a Kiss.

“The book is hilarious and really entertaining. I actually found no faults at all with this book – really! And I normally find at least one fault with a book, so it just shows you how brilliant this book is! 5/5, definitely. It’s super and everybody should read it. It’s chick-lit and with the supernatural element to it, so there’s something for everyone. I’m so glad there’s a sequel, Swapped by a Kiss, and I will be reading it as soon as possible.”

Full review on Bookster Reviews.

Split by a Kiss reviewed on Writing from the Tub

Thanks to Carly Bennett for reviewing Split by a Kiss on her book blog, Writing from the Tub.

“It’s like the lovely Luisa took my teenage dream and turned it into possibly the most fun novel I’ve ever read.”

Full review on Writing from the Tub.

Swedish version of Split by a Kiss published in pocket edition

Att kyssa eller inte kyssa Jake Matthews

The Swedish translation of Split by a Kiss,  Att Kyssa Eller Inte Kyssa Jake Matthews, is now available in a pocket edition. Find out more.

Split by a Kiss Quiz

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