Girls Heart Christmas - out now!

I’m thrilled that my story, The Evil Sprout, is published today in a special e-book collection by the authors¬†at Girls Heart Books. Here’s more about it…



“Ten heart-warming and uplifting Christmas stories by some of the UK’s best-loved children’s authors.

From puppies to moon bases, domestic crises to futuristic worlds, there’s something for every young reader in this brand-new collection – and each story has a Christmas theme. Supported by the multi-author blog Girls Heart Books, this anthology brings together successful authors Julie Sykes, Paula Harrison, Jo Cotterill, Jenny Smith, S C Ransom, Deirdre Sullivan, Luisa Plaja, Joan Lennon, Lynda Waterhouse and Alex Campbell.”

The book is published in support of the Girls Heart Books¬†site and it’s aimed at ages 8 to 12. It’s on sale now!

And I’ve written more about my inspiration for The Evil Sprout over at Girls Heart Books.

Hay Hay

2013-05-28 14.02.21I’m back from my tour, and I loved every minute of it!

There’s an interview with me about the Hay Festival at Girls Heart Books right now.2013-05-28 12.52.24

You can also read a little about each of my library events in the post below.

Thank you very much to all the wonderful people I met while I was out and about!

New Book Club

teen book club

Find out more at Waterstones – see ‘extras’.

Plus my post at Girls Heart Books!

Snippets of post-summer news

Diary of a Mall GirlHello! I’m back from a lovely summer. You can read a little bit about it in my latest post at Girls Heart Books, and check out my Chicklish roundup of some of the book I read while I was away.

Other snippets of news…

Diary of a Mall Girl, the book originally written interactively in instalments for Fiction Express, is set to be published as a print book and an ebook by Curious Fox in spring 2013. Find out more about it at my Diary of a Mall Girl page and, of course, at Curious Fox.

Random House have launched a new website called Totally Random Books. It has competitions and author features, and you can look up all sorts of books there, read extracts and leave reviews. Here’s a page of my Totally Random Books.

Kiss Date Love Hate was reviewed recently by Stuck in a Book, and also as part of Contemporary Summer at Planet Print. Thank you, brilliant bloggers!

Dawlish Community College

Dawlish Community College LRC

Just before the summer holidays, I was delighted to be invited to Dawlish Community College to give out certificates to wonderful keen readers. (Read about their Accelerated Reading programme – and party! And spot me wearing green in the picture.)

I think that’s all for now…

Happy autumn!

New-look Library

Newton Abbot Library, where I used to help run the Teenage Flicks book club, has just re-opened. Read all about it at the PRSD.

Spotted on the shiny new shelves of the Teenage section and pictured below: one of the books chosen by the students of Newton Abbot College and Coombeshead Academy. (Thank you!)

Extreme Kissing on library shelfNewton Abbot Library shelves

In other news, I’ve recently posted at Girls Heart Books about writers’ reasons to make lists, and at A Book Addicted Girl about recommended reading for summertime.

Also I highly recommend checking out The Pink Thing at Luna’s Little Library. This site is looking at various books that have pink covers (including Kiss Date Love Hate) and finding out what lies beyond the pink…

(Photos by People’s Republic of South Devon, reproduced with kind permission under Creative Commons Licence.)

New reviews and posts...

There’s a lovely review of Kiss Date Love Hate written by a young reader in the Guardian: Guardian teen book reviews.

“It is so unique, and such an amazing plot, that I was gripped throughout the whole book…”

And Booktrust has reviewed Swapped by a Kiss and Kiss Date Love Hate.

“Exciting, funny and filled with great characters, Swapped By a Kiss will keep you entertained right until the very last page.”

[Kiss Date Love Hate] “…a revealing and poignant story about individuality, trust and friendship.”

Thank you very much to Booktrust and the Guardian!

Meanwhile, I’ve been posting at the Random House blog about my book signing, and telling Girls Heart Books all about my computer nightmare.

National Libraries Day visit to Coombeshead Academy

In honour of National Libraries Day, I spent a great morning in a writing workshop with a Year 7 class at Coombeshead Academy. Find out more about what we worked on in my post at Girls Heart Books, and see me pictured in the Herald Express.

Herald Express article.

accents and audiobooks on Girls Heart Books

Swapped by a Kiss audiobookI’m on Girls Heart Books talking about accents, with samples from the Split by a Kiss and Swapped by a Kiss audiobooks.

Visit Girls Heart Books to read the post.

Funny words and retro games

I’ve been busy on the joint blogs this week!

I wrote for Girls Heart Books about the time when aliens invaded Planet Earth. Don’t panic – it’s really about retro computer games. Read it at Girls Heart Books.

And today I’m on Read It And Laugh talking about funny words.

Read It And Laugh is a new multi-author blog focusing on the lighter, funnier side of fiction for young adults. It features authors including me, Amanda Ashby, Kimberly Pauley, Niki Burnham, Tom Clempson, Greg R. Fishbone, Ebony McKenna, Shana Norris, Marlene Perez and Janette Rallison, together with guest authors. There’s a great book giveaway running until the end of November 2011 if you’d like to nominate your favourite funny books.

Read It And Laugh.

KEVICC visit, Girls Heart Books, Bookhi and Steph Bowe

I’m on Girls Heart Books following my recent school visit to King Edward VI Community College, with brilliant contributions from the students in answer to the question “Why read?”

This was inspired by an interview with me at Bookhi.

I’m also on teen author Steph Bowe’s fab blog as part of her Writing Bootcamp, with advice on how to revive your novel.

Picture above reproduced with kind permission of Classroom Free.

Thanks to Zoe, Steph and Classroom Free!