Split by a Kiss

SPLIT BY A KISS is published by Corgi Books at Random House Children’s Books.

“A fabulously entertaining tale of a teenager who splits in two when she has a difficult decision to make!”

Split by a Kiss is the story of a British girl who goes to live in the USA for a year and finds that the in-crowd at her new school want to be friends with her – and the hottest boy wants to kiss her.  But after the kiss, she splits into two girls and goes down two paths at the same time. On one path she is in with the coolest of the cool, and on the other she… isn’t.

Does either route lead to happiness? And how will she ever be herself again?

**Split by a Kiss is for sale in all UK bookshops, directly from Random House, on Amazon or with free worldwide delivery at The Book Depository.**

Look inside Split by a Kiss here, or download an extract from Lovereading4Kids.


SPLIT BY A KISS REVIEWS (see also my Reviews and Interviews page)

Meg Cabot writing in her online diary: “Split by a Kiss by Luisa Plaja is a cute, sweet and funny read.”

5-star review by Zoë Page on Bookbag!
“It’s rare to find a book like this – that has a brand new, never told before story, brilliant writing, lots of very realistic scenarios and some hilarious but usually overlooked characters. It really is the ultimate in teen fiction.”

5-star review by junior reader Heather Logan on the Waterstone’s site.
“This is a funny, good read for Young Adults. I would recommend it to people who like a romance with comedy mixed in.”

A 5-star review by Alexandra on Chicklish.
“…a warm, enjoyable read that is hard to put down.”

On Vulpes Libris:
“…a gripping tale, excellently crafted.” Lisa
“A bright, energetic, funny book with a great heroine and an empowering message.” Rosy
“I laughed out loud in many places, but the book had meat on its bones, too.” Leena

And Tanya Lee Stone, who is one of my author heroes (and also Rachel’s in Split by a Kiss) mentioned me on her blog! “…a great romp that mixes romantic comedy with split personalities with across the pond humor”.



Katie's Keuze

Split by a Kiss is available in Dutch, entitled “Katie’s Keuze” and translated by Sabine Mutsaers. It’s published by Moon Uitgevers, and this is the Katie’s Keuze page.


Zmienil mnie Pocalunek

Split by a Kiss is also available in Polish, entitled “Zmienil mnie pocalunek” and translated by Krystyna Chodorowska. It ‘s published by Nasza Ksiegarnia.


Att Kyssa Eller Inte Kyssa Jake Matthews

The Swedish edition of Split by a Kiss is called “Att kyssa eller inte kyssa Jake Matthews” and is translated by Maria Holst. It’s published by Bonnier Carlsen – check out its page here.


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