Funny words and retro games

I’ve been busy on the joint blogs this week!

I wrote for Girls Heart Books about the time when aliens invaded Planet Earth. Don’t panic – it’s really about retro computer games. Read it at Girls Heart Books.

And today I’m on Read It And Laugh talking about funny words.

Read It And Laugh is a new multi-author blog focusing on the lighter, funnier side of fiction for young adults. It features authors including me, Amanda Ashby, Kimberly Pauley, Niki Burnham, Tom Clempson, Greg R. Fishbone, Ebony McKenna, Shana Norris, Marlene Perez and Janette Rallison, together with guest authors. There’s a great book giveaway running until the end of November 2011 if you’d like to nominate your favourite funny books.

Read It And Laugh.

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