Diary of a Mall Girl playlist

Diary of a Mall Girl (Fiction Express)The votes are in and I’m busy writing my second chapter for Diary of a Mall Girl at Fiction Express. Molly Hart, what will you get up to next?

Here’s my totally mall-themed playlist so far…

Suggestions for additions and deletions will be very welcome at any point. (And they don’t have to be about shopping malls!)

Music Playlist at MixPod.com

Compulsion – Mall Monarchy * BROKEN BELLS – The Mall & Misery * DAMONE – At The Mall * At the Mall – Emerald Park * Drake – “At The Mall” * Let’s Go to the Mall – Scotty Vanity * In the Mall-Weezer * The Tribes – In the mall (Weezer cover) * Simon Astley – ‘Shopping Mall’ Live

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