introducing Fiction Express

I’m one of the authors taking part in the launch of Fiction Express, an e-book project where books are published in weekly instalments and readers vote to decide the path a story will take. Here’s more about it…

Launching on 6th May 2011 at the Fiction Express site, part of children’s publisher Discovery Books, are four e-books targeted at young readers. Each novel will give readers options to vote and decide what happens next in the plot. Episodes are released every week at 3.30pm and readers have until 10.00am the following Monday to cast a vote. Authors then write a new chapter according to the most popular reader choice, and the whole process continues for a total of eleven weeks.

The four novels are:

Diary of a Mall Girl by Luisa Plaja

The Soterion Mission by Stewart Ross (Timewarp Trials and What if the Bomb Goes Off?)

Soul Shadows by Alex Woolf (The Chronosphere)

The Last Symbol by Rebecca Morton

Fiction Express also gives readers the opportunity to submit their own ideas for incorporation into the plot, and there will be competitions for readers to become a part of the story itself. The first chapter of each book is available free of charge, and later chapters sell from 59p.

Check out the Fiction Express website from 6th May 2011.

And very soon I’ll be back here introducing Diary of a Mall Girl and its protagonist Molly Hart, a teenage girl who lives in a massive shopping mall (literally – she lives there) and has access to all the best shops, entertainment… and more gossip than she’d like about her classmates and their crushes.

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