Author Leila Rasheed and I interview each other

Back in the days when Split by a Kiss had just been released and I was a (*cough*) fresh-ish-faced debut author, a book site called WriteAway asked me and fellow author Leila Rasheed (Chips, Beans and Limousines: The Fantastic Diary of Bathsheba Clarice De Trop!) to interview each other via a long, involved and fun Skype chat.

Time has since ticked on, Leila and I have both had other books published, and WriteAway has recently moved – to the Just Imagine Story Centre. Its move meant that the interview popped up in my Google alerts and I was reminded of that heady time. I thought I’d share it

As we said at the time: “‘We have tidied it up slightly, but we wanted to keep the feel of an on-line conversation, so we haven’t corrected all the mistakes. Sometimes it looks as if we’ve completely ignored each other’s questions in order to blather on about ourselves, but it’s just that our messages have crossed with each other!”


Read the full interview at Just Imagine.

You can also read the interview from Leila Rasheed’s side.

Check out Leila Rasheed’s site.

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