Interviews from the past

Some older interviews with Luisa Plaja

Luisa speaks to WriteWords about inspiration, post-feminism and snogging.

Alexandra from Chicklish puts Luisa through some kind of interview torture mill, but in a good way

Author Amanda Ashby has time for a cup of tea while Luisa waffles on about her favourite book.

Luisa explains the ‘national sport’ theory of dating to YA author Sara Hantz.

Luisa tells Nik Perring a thing or two.

Luisa has a serious instant message chat with Leila Rasheed about Split by a  Kiss and Leila’s Chips, Beans and Limousines

Luisa says it’s cool to Think Pink, with thanks to Lisa Clark

Little Willow from Bildungsroman interviews Luisa as part of the Winter Blog Blast

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